Clean Your Car's Tires Like a Pro

The tires are usually the dirtiest part of your car, and can make a clean vehicle still look a bit dirty if they're not cleaned properly. To ensure your tires are squeaky clean, be sure to clean them before anything else. If you're cleaning with soap and water, you should also use a different sponge when washing your car's tires. Experts even recommend using a bristled one to clear out as much dirt as possible.

Once your tires are clean, dry them with a microfiber towel. Then, you can wax them to prevent brake dust from coating them or spray them with a tire cleaning spray to make sure they shine like new. You can also find special cleaning and waxing products to clean your rims if those are looking a little grubby too.

Visit the service center at Ferrari of Austin to learn more about tire cleaning products or to have your tires deep cleaned by a professional.

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