What Would You Use a Dash Cam for?

Accessories are a great way to make your vehicle your own. Dash cams are no exception and are a great way to enjoy your vehicle more. You can capture anything from a beautiful road trip to proof in an accident for legal purposes.

Dash cams have been used to record insurance fraud, driving accidents, parking accidents, and some amazing or unexplained events. If you enjoy posting videos of your adventures for friends or the public to view online, a dash cam is a great way to record and focus on driving.

Legally it is easier to prove something in court with video, especially if it involves a traffic accident. A dash cam is a great way to prove what you are saying is correct and can even limit the time you have to spend in court.

If you are interested in learning more about dash cams and other accessories, visit us at Ferrari of Austin to get your vehicle serviced and get your questions answered.



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