Touch Up Paint Application Keeps Your Car Looking Fresh

Don’t spend a fortune to repair scratches: DIY touch up paint for Austin drivers!

While not the most devastating of problems, scratches can really ruin your day. If left alone, they can result in pain beginning to appeal, and rust beginning to spread throughout the body of your car. Even fiberglass bodies aren’t safe, as direct exposure will cause them to begin to degrade. When the scratches happen, you might be tempted to go to an auto body shop to have them repaired. Don’t waste your time and theirs, when you can easily handle this yourself.

You start by cleaning out the scratch with some simple soap and warm water. This will clean out any debris, and allow you to see how severe the scratch is. If it’s shallow enough, you only need to buff it smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. If it’s deeper, you may need to use 600 grit paper, followed by some primer, which you will then buff with the 220 grit to achieve the smooth surface which the paint can adhere to. At this point, all you need to do is apply the paint with something small and precise. Honestly, something like a toothpick or matchstick will work just fine for this. And there you go, the scratch is fixed. It really is that simple!

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