Reducing Glare Can Increase Safety

Maintaining clear and clean fields of vision is a top priority for drivers, and successfully doing so can promote safety. Unfortunately, there are many road-based hazards that can reduce the visual field of drivers, and one such danger is glare.

Glare comes in many forms, and these include glare from car headlights and also glare from sunlight. Glare from sunlight tends to occur most strongly during sunsets and sunrises, and this light can at times cause temporary loss of perception for drivers.

The good news is that there are many easy ways to reduce the effects of glare. First of all, drivers should make sure that the glass in their vehicles is clean. This should include the windshield, the interior windows, and also the back windows. In addition to windows, drivers should keep their interior and exterior mirrors clean and free of debris. Also, drivers who use personal corrective lenses should make sure that their visual aids are free of contaminants.

In addition, drivers can take some basic steps to help to reduce glare. They can clean their own headlights to remove any debris, and also have all lights regularly aimed and aligned.



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