Clean Engine & Radiator Make for Cool Performance

Overheating is one of the main reasons engines fail. Excessive heat can blow gaskets or warp aluminum heads, leading to costly repairs. Routine maintenance by our seasoned auto service team ensures successful engine operation and longevity. Here's why your engine needs extra love.

Your engine produces lots of heat that hopefully dissipates through circulating coolant, fins and fans. A water pump drives coolant from your radiator through hoses to your engine's core. The core consist of tubes that collect heat and transfer it to fins that remain in contact with flowing air.

Coolant loses its cooling properties over time. It also gets congested with rust and dirt as you commute to and fro on city streets and the highway. That's why flushing coolant according to your vehicle's owner's manual is essential.

In addition to routine coolant flushing, you should get radiator and engine service according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Regular maintenance, such as coolant flushing, radiator service, and engine service prevent overheating and add years of healthy function to your car's heart and soul.



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