The Importance of Car Battery Maintenance and Replacement

When a vehicle does not start, often times the battery is the problem. However, there might be other factors causing the issue. Check the battery posts for corrosion, which requires cleaning. The cables may need to be replaced. A faulty alternative is another possible problem. Check the fluid levels, which may simply need water. When having vehicle problems, consult with our qualified Ferrari technicians for a solution.

If needing to replace the battery, you will find a variety of options. The lead-acid variety is the classic option. Lithium-based batteries are more efficient and last longer, but they are more expensive. There are nickel-cadmium batteries. However, they are also expensive in addition to being hazardous and more difficult to charge.

When shopping for a new battery, consider popular brand name options. Make sure that the battery you choose has the appropriate CCA rating and comes in a size you need along with having a desirable life expectancy.


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