A Steering System's Timing Influences Safety on the Road

Many roads have steep curves that challenge the most efficient automobiles. If a car can't corner well on these roads, it could run off the road or maneuver into another lane. There are two steering problems that can make an automobile struggle during cornering situations. If you service your car when you discover minor signs, you'll have no problems driving around a curve.

Understeering and oversteering are handling problems that impact steering systems. On crowded highways, understeering isn't easy to manage because it changes how a car enters a curve. While a vehicle understeers, you'll have to spin the steering wheel several times to complete a simple turn. A front-wheel drive vehicle can understeer because it uses a powerful engine to operate its steering system. Oversteering can change how the rear wheels on a vehicle operate. If your car has this problem, you'll have to spin your steering wheel gradually in order to stay on the road.

Service your vehicle with a trusted mechanic if you start to notice issues with your vehicle's steering system. If it's time for a new car upgrade, come to Ferrari of Austin to explore our inventory!



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