Ferrari Roadside Assistance App

Ferrari Roadside Assistance App

Ferrari owners enjoy true premier service worthy of the Ferrari name with Ferrari's 24/7 Roadside Assistance program.

Driving a Ferrari is an experience like no other; however, that experience can turn into anxiety when the unexpected happens. Thankfully, Ferrari offers a Roadside Assistance Program to offer Ferrari owners peace of mind that no matter what the road ahead brings, your vehicle will be covered. Ferrari Roadside Assistance Program provides prompt relief for the three unforeseen roadside complications of the highways. We will arrange a flatbed tow for a dead battery, flat tire or advise you if it is safe to drive your vehicle.

The Ferrari Roadside Assistance offers Ferrari owners protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available for all Ferraris including out-of-warranty vehicles*. The App is designed to make requesting assistance faster, more accurate and convenient; a Ferrari ownership experience, when you need it.

To enroll in the program, simply download the new Ferrari Roadside Assistance app for iOS or Android devices and then register your vehicle.

Ferrari's Roadside Assistance Program Features:
  • • Request assistance for a mechanical issue, dead battery, flat tire, out of fuel, locked out, and more
  • • Select preferred dealer to contact for appointments and as a default service destination
  • • Use GPS, maps and satellite to pinpoint vehicle location
  • • Follow a dialog assisting you in diagnosing the problem and requesting appropriate service
  • • Retrieve confirmation service is on the way and the estimated time of arrival
  • • Your Ferrari's VIN confirms eligibility for Roadside Assistance, as covered by Ferrari**
Ferrari Service App for iPhone   Ferrari Service App for Android
*Services for vehicles outside of manufacturer's warranty coverage are subject to fees. Registering your Ferrari's VIN within the app will expedite service. ** Only available for North American Vehicles. Subject to certain limitations and exclusions. See owner's manual for details.